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Recruiting Big Biller Channel

Recruiting Big Biller Channel

Big Biller Secrets TV

Hear first hand how the top producers in the industry built their business.

Top Recruiting Trainers On-Demand

Top Recruiting Trainers On-Demand

Recruiting Training TV

Watch and learn from the top recruiting trainers in the industry.

World-Class Consulting and Workshops

World-Class Consulting and Workshops

Performance Consulting

Workshops for tenured consultants, and performance management for billing managers.

NLE Library: Scripts, Emails, Videos, and More

NLE Library: Scripts, Emails, Videos, and More

NLE Library

The entire lifecycle of the search process, broken down piece-by-piece – from planning, to sourcing, to marketing, and placement.

Marketing Solutions For Recruiters

Marketing Solutions For Recruiters

Marketing Solutions

Get marketing products and solutions tailored to your practice. Learn how our team of marketing pros can position your brand for the win.

Foundation Training Program

Foundation Training Program

Rookie Training Program

Our Foundation Recruiting Training Program is an owner’s solution to ramp-up new hires, and maintain a high level of personal production.

Welcome to the Next Level of Training

Welcome to the Next Level of Training

The Next Level

Recruiting training on-demand, just-in-time, and customized for recruiters and search firm owners.

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NAPS Memberships

National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS)

Next Level Exchange members can join the premier recruiting association of our industry for a discounted rate of $150 per calendar year; cost to the public is $795 for this level of membership.

Simply contact us today at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  to join and we will bill your card for the one-time charge and enroll you immediately for the entirety of 2014.

If you were planning on attending the 2014 Annual NAPS Conference in Houston in September, the price for a non-member is $400 more to attend.  A YEAR MEMBERSHIP THROUGH NLE is ONLY $150.  In short, it is less to join NAPS through NLE and attend NAPS as a member than attending as a non-member.  You will receive a new member welcome package soon and begin enjoying the benefits of membership and know that you are supporting the NOT FOR PROFIT association for your industry. 

  • ANNUAL CONFERENCE, SEPTEMBER 2014, HOUSTON: Three days of education with over 40 outside speakers, trainers, and mentors presenting tracks relevant for owners, recruiters, contract, and perm placement.  Being a member of NAPS saves you $400 on the registration fee for the 2014 Annual Conference.
  • CERTIFICATION PROGRAM: The NAPS Certification program has existed for over five decades and provides the proof of educational preparation and excellence in recruitment.  The CPC Certification is that credential that says, "I am in the top 2% of my profession; I am knowledgeable of the laws and ethics governing my profession; I intend to treat and protect my customers (my client companies and my candidates) accordingly, based upon these higher standards and my knowledge of the laws." 
  • RETAINED COUNSEL: For years, the General Counsel of NAPS has been saving our members literally thousands of dollars by handing out 20+ years of experienced advice.
  • NETWORKING: Belonging to an association brings an opportunity to talk to learn from and do business with your peers and colleagues.
  • LEGISLATION: When there is legislation that might create problems for our profession, our lobbyists are there working diligently and allow the government to hear us as one voice. 
  • NEWSLETTERS: These newsletters are jammed with articles and information that informs and educates regarding current information and trends in the executive search profession. 

Even if you do not attend the Conference, please still support the profession you believe in by supporting NAPS and what it represents to our industry.  With the hundreds of search firms already members and the hundreds who subscribe to NLE, we have the ability for some true clout in the executive search industry.  There are a variety of incredible initiatives NAPS would like to pursue but all require funds to do so; by banding together in one unified fashion, we can receive the benefits of the collective influence and investment of NAPS and NLE.   

Your monthly subscription rate will remain at the current amount for the duration of 2014. 

The sooner you click and send this email, the sooner you will gain access to the member benefits that NAPS has to offer! 

Contact us today at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  to join.

Recruiting Training and Executive Search Best Practices

Next Level Exchange’s website membership covers Foundation Training, Just-in-Time Training, and Ongoing Training.  Broken down into 20 minute segments, the completely cohesive Foundation Training Program is any Owner’s solution to quickly ramping up new hires while still maintaining a high level of personal production. This covers each step of the Placement Process in easy to process bites, complete with quizzes at each step.
For Just-in-Time Training, the Next Level Library is the perfect online portal for recruiting professionals, no matter your tenure, niche, or nationality.  Rookies can examine scripts for new marketing approaches, or revamp their current voicemails and emails from our library.  Veterans can listen to recorded calls from other recruiters to freshen up their approach, and get exposure to new forms and templates that may streamline your old processes. 

For Ongoing Training, Owners can choose from over dozens of streaming NLE TV Episodes, and utilize the Facilitation Guides for morning recruiting training meetings to provide new and revived content for your team; with a Guide for each week of the month, this serves as an immediate recruiter training curriculum for any office.

At Next Level Exchange, you'll find best practices from the top trainers in the industry including:
Jon Bartos
Doug Beabout
Mark Berger
Bill Boorman
Helene Buchanan-Dunne
Tony Dickel
Donato Diorio
Greg Doersching
Mike Gionta
Margaret Graziano
Paul Hawkinson
Jeff Kaye
Neil Lebovitz
Scott Love
Bob Marshall
Rob Mosley
Mike O'Neil
Terry Petra
Jordan Rayboy
Karen Russo
Craig Silverman
Jeremy Sisemore
Jeff Skrentny
Gary Stauble
Shally Steckerl
Mike Walmsley
Carol Wenom

Welcome to the Next Level.

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