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Candidate Data Sheets

Before presenting any candidate to your client, it is necessary is to prioritize this candidate and move forward only with those candidates you have a high likelihood of placing. Just because a prospective candidate volunteers him or herself for consideration does not necessarily mean that you can, or have to, help them. Developing a discerning nature will not only allow you to brand yourself as a true professional, but you also will elevate yourself in the eyes of your clients, who appreciate you presenting them with only the top tier of talent in their organization.

Utilizing a Candidate Data Sheet form will help you thoroughly and comprehensively understand the relevant components that make up who a candidate is. This tool can provide a structure for your call to help you determine if the candidate is the right match for your current search or other searches, determine the validity of the motivating factors behind making a career move, and identify any red flags that may arise throughout the process. Matching your candidates with your clients is a meticulous process; if you present every candidate who comes across your desk, you are not providing any value to your clients.

Outside of the obviously unqualified or outside-of-your-niche candidates, it’s fair to go through the steps of taking a CDS on any candidates who indicate an interest in your current position, other peripheral positions you may be keeping on your radar screen, or who are possibly open to exploring other opportunities but they aren’t completely sure what those opportunities look like just yet. Outside of an individual who isn’t even moderately interested in exploring other opportunities, it can be a good use of your time to go through the steps of getting to know this candidate further – even if he or she isn’t 100% sure they are committed to making a move.

How much time you choose to invest in getting to know a candidate will be the difference between utilizing the Condensed Candidate Data Sheet tool and a full, comprehensive, Solid CDS form.

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