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NLE TV Video Player Help

Problems with Video Playback or Document Downloads?

Follow These Steps First.

  1. Click to test your connection speed. (high-speed connection suggested to view videos)
  2. Click to test your connection speed (alternate test)
  3. Update your Flash player. Click this link to get FREE update.
  4. When finished updating Flash, refresh the NLE TV video page to play. (restart may be required)
  5. Test your Flash player version - (version 8 is minimum to view)
  6. Test your Internet speed - (high speed connection (1.5Mbs download) is required for video)
  7. Get the latest Adobe PDF reader

Video Player Tips

  • To start/stop the video, click play/pause button in lower left of the player, or click video screen
  • To fast-forward or rewind, grab the transport slider in the progress bar at bottom of window
  • To view fullscreen mode, click the fullscreen icon in the lower right corner
  • To adjust the sound volume, move the volume slider in lower right corner

Minimum Technical Requirements to View NLE TV Video Programs

Troubleshooting Video Playback Problems

  • Connect to this site directly.
  • Videos will not play through distributed computing or desktop sharing applications such as Citrix, GoToMeeting, WebEx and other remote systems.
  • Videos are very large files which do require time to download and play.  If play back stops/restarts and buffers:
    • Press the pause button to allow the buffer to fill (view progress in playback bar).
    • Then press the play button to resume.
    • If buffering continues, allow the buffer to fill completely, then press play.
  • Video playback on low speed internet connections is possible, but may require extended loading times
  • If using MS Internet Explorer 8 and having video problems, follow these steps:
    • In web browser toolbar, click "Tools"
    • "Compatibility View Settings"
    • Check box at bottom of window "Display all websites in Compatibilty View"
    • Click "Close"
    • Quit broswer and restart browser and view videos
    • If problems persist, restart computer and check settings again
  • Use a hard-wired network connection.  (Only use wireless connection as last resort)
  • Disable browser pop-up blockers
  • Disable or cancel Microsoft Updates from downloading and/or installing
  • Disable or cancel virus scans, virus definition downloads, or other virus/networking/adblocking background processes

Need More Help?  

Send and email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 214.556.8002 and describe the issue. 
Thank you.

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